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About Cornelis Neet, PhD (Ecology)

I am a PADI MSDT dive instructor (no 407106) and certified trainer for adult groups (FSEA, Switzerland) cooperating with Maui-Diving, in Renens, Switzerland. When not diving, I work at the Vaud State Environment Office, Lausanne, Switzerland. This website presents my underwater naturalist portfolio and a few diving videos.

Most of the time, I dive in l'Escala (northern Costa Brava, Catalonia, Spain) where you find the Natural Park Montgri, with many coastal dive spots including caves and wrecks, as well as the Medes Islands, renowned for diving. North of l’Escala, another awesome diving zone is the Natural Park Cap de Creus.

All pictures and videos shown on this website were taken in these areas, while diving with
Grassi Sub.

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PADI MSDT instructor 407106